Aphasia Group Book Club


Book selection:

“Four undocumented teenagers, one ugly robot and the battle for the American Dream”

Book club dates:
1/20 10:30-12:00
2/3 10:30-12:00
2/17 10:30-12:00
3/3: Book Club Celebration!

How many members participated: Five aphasia group members


Members identified reasons to participate: “learn to read” “love to read” “volunteer at Library”

What did we do?
We shared our favorite parts of the book!
We read aloud and shared information from the study guides. See below
We shared opinions and perspectives on the characters.
We completed a character board.
We shared personal stories and talked HISTORY .
We celebrated and watched the DVD, Spare Parts!!!

Book Club rating: 4/5 stars

Spare Parts Worksheets to inspire!

Page 31 to page 112 :
What are the two magnet programs at Carl Hayden High School?
-Marine Science and Computer Science
-Shakespeare and Marketing
-History of the American revolution and Spanish American History

Who is Fredi Lajvardi?
-Disco Dancer at the Catalina Trailer Court
-Program Manager of the Marine Science Class
-Christian’s Uncle from Mexicali

What was the focus of the American Border Patrol in 2004?
-Hunting animals along the border
-Building parks for migrant families
-Migrant children

Who is Ramiro Vazquez?
-Oscar’s Father
-Teacher at Carl Hayden
-Border Patrolman

What did Oscar, Lorenzo and Christian want to build ?
-Rocket ships

Why did Fredi have to pull back from his work at Carl Hayden?
-His children required more care
-Didn’t want to be there anymore

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