What is Aphasia?

What is Aphasia?

Cause: Aphasia is caused by a brain injury, typically due to stroke, traumatic brain injury, or some other illness. Depending on the exact location of the brain injury, aphasia can manifest itself in many different ways. (from Jackie Hinckely)

Problem: Aphasia is a language disorder. It can cause problems with how well you talk, understand, write and read. People with aphasia retain intelligence and desire to communicate.  But aphasia deeply affects one’s ability to share ideas, opinions, stories and information.

Need more Aphasia Facts? Follow this link to the National Aphasia Association: http://www.aphasia.org/Aphasia%20Facts/aphasia_facts.html

How people with aphasia describe this problem?  “Talking is difficult.”  “People talk too fast”  “Confidence has gone”. “ I know what I want to say….”

Want to experience what aphasia is like?    Follow this link for a Simulation Exercise at Aphasia Corner: http://aphasiacorner.com/aphasia-simulations/

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