The Chippewa Valley Aphasia Group met on Friday April 5 for conversation and adventures with the iPad.  We were pleased to have 3 friends visiting us from Madison.

Conversation with friends is always good!

Since January our group has been “experimenting” with the iPad.  Operating the iPad is not too challenging.

But using the iPad to learn, connect and practice is what we want to do.


We structure our sessions to “introduce” an App or a website in large group, then we breakup into smaller groups to “play”….explore,

experiment, ask questions and make comments.   Finally, we return to large group and share our ideas.


This Friday we “played” with the Dictate feature.  Using Dictate, you can speak and the iPad types!   It is fun to see your own words in print.

We also explored a photo archive website called “Shorpy”.   These photos are from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.  They show scenes from work, sports and daily life.  We had some great conversations about these scenes.  In preparation for this activity group members brought their own pictures or drawings to describe scenes from their daily activity.








The Chippewa Valley Aphasia Group offers therapy provided in a social setting. Conversation is key, but access to information and opportunity to try new things is encouraged.

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