Benefits of Video Self-Monitoring



What did we learn as a group from these practice sessions?

  • Some people (maybe most) do not like to be video recorded.

  • People will still be video recorded if it will help them improve their communication skills!

  • Everyone’s goal about communication is different.

  1.  A goal may be to speak with 100% accuracy.  This goal may be a good one, but it may be so difficult to reach that a person ends up giving up and not saying anything at all.

  2. Another goal may be to speak with 75% accuracy but still be able to get your ideas communicated (by using compensatory strategies like gestures and writing etc.).

  • You don’t have to “talk” to get your point across.  Other helpful ways to communicate include: gestures, facial expressions, and writing.

  • Things we learned to do to keep a conversation going: clarify that you understand what is being said, ask pertinent questions, add your own knowledge of the topic, and don’t give up!

Overall, video self-monitoring has helped our members to think about what strategies to use when having a conversation with others.  They are able to watch themselves in conversation, pick out strengths and weaknesses, make a plan, then complete the task again with more success!!!


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