Local History Club

Churchill Tire…Woolworth’s…the Studebaker Garage with the live alligator in the window. These were just a few of the places stories were told about at Local History aphasia group. Many of the group told stories of working near the Fanny Farmer, or of their own Day Music Shop, or about walking past the live alligator on the way to school. Besides the classic photos, books and clippings, as well as the use of Google Street View, group members shared family stories of the downtown of another era. You think you know downtown Eau Claire? Talk to our experts at group, and enjoy the stories, the characters and the wares that have transpired downtown Eau Claire . Or better yet, consult the 3-D map of downtown Eau Claire with a wide variety of landmarks as recalled by group members. A trip to the Chippewa Valley Museum allowed for engaging dialogue with our well-versed and conversive dossier. We all came away with an amazement of the museum and a new understanding of the history of the downtown of past and present.

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