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Who Moved My Cheese?   is a story about change that takes place in a maze where four amusing characters look for “cheese” cheese is a symbol for what we want to have in life.     Spencer Johnson, MD is an internationally bestselling author whose books help millions of people discover simple truths they can use to enjoy healthier lives with more success and less stress.  

Five members of the aphasia group participated in book club.  Each member had a copy of the book and an audio tape or DVD if they wanted.   Most members agreed that the book + audio tape was most helpful.   Thanks to Rob for helping retrieve additional books.   I remember the look on everyone’s face when Julie Tangwell came in the room.  People were excited to see her.   She attends the aphasia camp with some of the members. 

The group participated in unison reading for a portion of each group.   Each member was responsible for reading and completing assignments each week.   The first week members participated in sharing their vision of “cheese” with pictures and symbols.  Mary imagined a “Cheese Store” with clerks and signs with piles of cheese.   Everyone appreciated her images.   We shared our dreams and ideas about special gifts we have for each other.   The third week we talked about fears and Haw’s message, “what would you do if you were not afraid?”    Bob shared his thoughts on public speaking and Mary offered praises for his talking to groups.   Mary voiced that she enjoys swimming but is now too tired to swim.   Group members listened and gave her positive comments for her participation in group.  Julie communicated that she was a ski instructor before her stroke and that she had a fear of skiing.   She shared that she had enrolled in a ski lesson.    Mary, Mary , Rob and Bob all offered praise.   she was beaming!

Book group is more than reading a book together its about feeling comfortable enough with people to share your dreams, fears and opinions.

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Mary Beth Clark

Aphasia Group Volunteer

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