Grilling and Cooking with Chef Rob Gaulke

Have you ever wondered how to smoke salmon or make a spice rub for chicken?    Rob Gaulke, or as I refer to him, “Chef Master” shared his expertise in grilling with a few of our group members.  

 Rob prepared a spice rub from start to finish with the group.   He prepared one of his favorites,  known as barbecue spice rub.   Rob demonstrated the process of smoking fish including the importance of the cooking chamber and the firebox.   He shared techniques for using a “smoker box” including apple wood chips.  Rob prepared the salmon on his grill the morning of and brought it to group for everyone to taste.   The salmon was delicious!!!  

 People were so interested in Rob’s grilling that he prepared a session on appetizers.   He prepared the Puerto Rican Pig Powder for some chicken wings.   HMMM these were also tasty.   I prepared with the group a nutritious Black Bean Dip with fresh cilantro.   The group members then directed our chef to prepare another batch.   The 2nd batch was better than the first.   The entire group prepared a nutritious dessert,   “Cocoa-Nut” Bananas.   We were all laughing with the process of making these silly treats.

 It was then time for everyone to share their favorite recipes.   Bernice shared her famous Swedish Meat Balls and of course we couldn’t eat just one.    Mary shared a recipe for Cherry Tomato Horsd’ourvers and Stuffed Mushrooms which looked amazing.   Joan shared one of her all time favorites that Bud appreciates to this day, her Bakery’s Chile.   This chili is made with round steak, garlic and red bell peppers.   We all agreed that this would taste great on a fall day.  

The Chef Master then presented his “Top Ten.”  Kudos to Rob for a terrific job.   Fun was had by all.     

Rob’s “Top Ten!”

 1.  Need two Tbsp ?  Use your 1/8 cup coffee measure  2Tsp  =  1/8 C   Its quicker and easier

 2. Keep high oil items like walnuts and pecans in your freezer.  The good fats in them will not go rancid as fast in a cold place.

 3. Lay aluminum foil over the bottom of your oven.  If something spills on them; it will save you some scrubbing.

 4. Leave the skin on your fruits and vegetables for a change.  They carry some nutrients as well as a different flavor element.

 5. Try ground turkey in some cooking.  It is usually lower in fat than beef and pork.    (italian sausage and breakfast sausage are possible i.e. @

 6. Browning some ground beef?  Do a bunch at once, and freeze what you aren’t using today.

 7. Freeze fresh fish in a ziplock with water    Helps prevent freezer burn      Chicken also

 8. Cut soft cheese or dough with dental floss.  Unwaxed, unflavored please.

 9. Give your coffe grinder a second job.  Turn it into a spice grinder

 10.  Avoid getting into trouble for #9 by taking a 1/8 cup of oatmeal for a spin after you finish grinding spices.  Static electricity will take most of the spice residue out.  Wipe the rest out with a cotton ball if you need to.

Submitted by

Mary Beth Clark

Aphasia Group Volunteer

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